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Secure your family’s
financial future… forever!


Who is the event for?

Anyone, ages 13+, who wants to become educated in managing finances and build a strong financial legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation.

You may think you have plenty of time to learn the fundamentals of finances and how money really works, but time goes faster than you think. Learn how to make simple choices now, that could guarantee financial stability and security forever. 

Is it too late for me to save for retirement, or too early for my children? 

It’s never too late or too early!  You probably haven’t had the information or education you need to plan. With the right financial education, anyone of any age has a chance to end any financial fears or worries once and for all.

We have a financial advisor, why attend?

Most financial advisors don’t take the time to educate clients, and their entire family, on the basic principles of money, or teach about all of the different types of investment options.  

We will teach you and your loved ones, the principles of wealth and money which can be passed on to your children and their children. This could change the course of of your financial future.